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It is funny that this subject has come up. I was just thinking yesterday
how it would be nice to have all the tools I need. Unfortunately, the tools
I am in need of now are the high priced ones … a rolling mill , vacuum
caster, lapidary saw etc. Initially I allotted about 75-100 dollars a month
to purchase tools. Now I have to go several months before making purchases.
It’s like waiting for Christmas. The funny thing about this is that I have
worked for the past 15 years as a machinist ( my day job) and certainly
possess the skills to make just about everything I need. However, I
believe that if I could purchase something at a fair price in the long
run it would be better because I place value on the time that I have
available to do the things that I really want to do. Like making jewelry
and learning new procedures. Maybe one day when I have more time (HA!
HA!) I could put my skills as a machinist to use. Just sounding off! SteveD