Tools maintenance tips

It’s maintenance time It’s the begining of the month so don’t forget

  1. Blowdown your boiler type steamers and fix any leaks.

  2. Get your handpieces tuned up if they are having problems, like
    vibrating or getting hot.

  3. Make sure your flexshafts are properly lubricated. Replace
    brushes/shafts/sheaths if needed.

  4. Drain the water/oil and flush your vacuumm pumps. Change damaged
    hoses. Clean/replace any filters. Replace gauges.

  5. Make sure your pyrometers/oven/oven controllers are calibrated. On
    electric ovens with exposed elements, check for any hot spots. If any
    are visable order a new element to have on hand when the one in the
    oven goes bad.

  6. Check the oil in your air compressor and drain the water, change
    air line filters and desicant if needed. Fix any air line leaks.

  7. Check all connections on your torches for tightness and hoses for
    wear. Replace worn hoses, o-rings and damaged fittings.

  8. Wipe down your ultrasonic with a water dampened cloth (this should
    actually be done every day).

  9. Wipe down your tumblers with a water dampened cloth.

  10. Check your ventilation system for proper suction. Clean or
    replace filters.

  11. Clean your buffing station including the motor.

  12. Check calibration on scales.

The most important item here.

  1. If there are signs of wear or a problem is starting to appear get
    the equipment fixed now. It will cost much less now than waiting for
    the equipment to completely stop working.

For more detailed explanations on how to perform any of these
functions let me know and I will be happy to help.

Your friendly repair shop in Montana.

Ken Kotoski
MPG Repair

Hello Ken, This is a fine list and I’ll bet many copy it and post it
for reference… at least I plan to do so. Great suggestion and
thanks. Also a special thanks to Hanuman and Ton for continuing the
Orchid effort. You really rock! Judy in Kansas

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