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Tools in your suitcase


I just ran across this link:

It details what you may and may not carry on or have in checked
baggage. It is considerably more lenient than we previously
discussed. It is the official list of the Transportation Safety

Judy Hoch


Judy - I have tried the link which you suggested several different
times: as yet I have been unable to get it to work. The site rejects
the URL, saying “The server is not responding or encountered an
unexpected error.” Do you have an alternative way to access this

Jim Small
Small Wonders


My earlier post had an error in the link to the Transportation and
Safety Administration, sorry. is the link, then click on
the upper left item in the bar along the top -Travelers and
Consumers- This leads you to the page where you can select the item
on the left side - Permitted and Prohibited Items. The other
in this section is also very useful.

What I don’t know is if the people at the gate operate with the
guidelines posted at this site. I’d print out the part of the list
that applies and have a conversation with the airport folks prior to
flying. Also the new baggage limits on weight are bothersome.

Judy Hoch


Jim, I got the same error message, but wandered the website and found
the list (excellent! Thanks, Judy). It’s in PDF format (needs
Adobe). Linda