Tools in Tucson

Dear Catbleu,

One place for cheaper hand tools in Tucson has been on the frontage
road along I-10 at Boatner’s Gas Station which is near downtown. One
of the bigger used & new tool dealers sets up here and so do some
others in this same area.

Rio Grande sets up at the Tucson East Hilton. I have never gone, but
I think they all their tools big and little set-up for demos and
hands on use.

Most of the bigger more expensive gem shows do not have tool
booths… too expensive for the booth rent I would assume.

Normally the Tucson Show Guide (which is the best reference for all
things having to do with the Tucson Show) is the place to look. The
TSG is available for free at most of the Tucson Shows. Having
received my copy already I’ll just open it up and take a look for
you under the product listings “tools”… HEY! … can you
believe it… they do not have a “tools” listing in the 2003 TSG!
Amazing. Hmmmmmmm.

I hope some of the above helps.

Steve Green - Rough and Ready Gems In Tucson see
us at the GJX # 700 for quality briolettes in Aqua to Zircon.

All, There are several tool vendors set up at the Holidome in Tucson.
I have found some good deals at this show. Look in the tents and in
the main lobby. Enjoy your trip. John Sholl Littleton, CO