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Tools bank


Like other Orchidians, all concerned for your well being, I too
would suggest that you find a day job. Any work that can teach you
something about making or marketing jewelry is not wasted. I have two
jobs, one to pay the bills and the other to build a studio. From my
full time day job, I have opportunities to learn about metal and
fabrication processes (i.e. cutting, etching, electroplating,
melting, joining, etc.). My night time part time job…well, not so
much (injection mold, lapping, polishing).

You should also try local, in your face, networking. I joined the
local art community, CETA (Center for Enrichment of the Arts). There,
I met a nice lady who is a doll maker and also chaired a wool
festival for several years. She would say, “The people you want to
attend your craft/art fair are those who can’t make the things you
sell.” I also met the librarian, who quilts and once taught graphic
design and color theory. She once said, “If you turn that stone the
other way, it will make the wearer feel thinner”.

I can’t get enough free advice. I could not do this alone. I find
myself reading more Orchid posts, trying to absorb the rich

If you need some cabochons, then I can help you. That way you don’t
have to do that part alone.

If Orchid is willing to start the Tool Crib, I can donate to that
too. I’m a beginner bling bling engineer who wants to thin out his
equipment collection.

Dewa mata,

Jeff Simkins
Shinshinnati, Ohayo!

I think this is a great idea. I don’t have much, because I am also
starting, but since taking some courses, I have changed directions,
and am sure I can contribute something. Sometimes, something as
simple as a pair of specific pliers or a bundle of blades for a saw
is needed.

Kind regards,