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Tools and all!

Dear on Orchid Skill is required by many of the setters,…but what is
a skill if that person doesn’t have the right tools, or the right
equipment??? anyone can claim to be able to set diamonds / stones.
but what if they don’t have the right selection? a brain surgeon
can brag that he is the ‘best’! but with out his precision tools he
is totally lost! that applies to anyone teaching or with setting
capabilities. even a teacher with out the ‘voice’ or books, is no
more than a just a regular person passing you by on the street!

that is why, I , spent about 4 years of my training period, learning
how to take care of my tools and to prepare them and respect them!
For me, they are more important than the clothes on my back. or food
in my stomach. it is through them, I exist, therefore they are VERY
important! I was at tool / jewellery trade show last week,. one fellow
just came over and didn’t say a word, he just looked at my assortment
of tools. then he knew I was just who I was. I am to go down and visit
and teach him in Mexico next year, why? I am, what I am, through my
care of my equipment!..nuf said on this matter!!!..gerry, the
cyber-setter! >