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Tool suppliers, Germany

Sigrid, or anyone else who knows…

Does anyone know of jewelry supply shops in the area of Heidelberg &
Mannheim? I know of some places for stones, but not for tools &
such. I attend the Goldschmiedeschule in Pforzheim, and some things
I get directly from my teachers, but I usually shop at Fischer. But,
at least this semester, with the hours I am in the city & the hours
the store is open, it is not easy- i.e. they open the same time my
first class starts & close the same time my second class ends, and
they are closed during lunch. Damn German shop hours. I can only go
there in the morning & be late for my early class (a pain, but not a
huge deal) or leave my second class early (not a good option). And
Pforzheim is just over an hour away, as I live in Heidelberg, so just
"popping" over there on a different day for some supplies is not

Thanks in advance for any info y’all have.


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Hi Lisa, This may be a silly question but have you considered mail
ordering your tools and basic materials? Not as exciting as shopping
in person I know, but as I live 2 hours plane flight (over water) from
the nearest supplier, it’s necessary for me. I find it stops me
’impulse- buying’ tools I don’t really need and leaves me more money
for materials - just a thought. Good luck with your studies,