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Tool steel/flat punch


Hello Cameron! Now what am I going to do, quite using a punch I depend
on several times a month? All I did was heat the top to red hot
tosoften it. I hit it occasionally with a 20oz. hammer! It’s
mushroomed a bit over the years from use, but no danger or fragments.
I have brass, neoprene, and steel to put the work on. Depends on what
I am doing. When I roll up a piece of shank material with my ring
benders it spirals slightly; unless I take the time to oppose the
grip with the pliers and share the spiraling tendency. Much easier to
get it close in shape, and throw it on the neoprene block and whack
it with the flat surfaced valve face.I used to occasionally umy
planishing hammer for the same need. Seemed kind of hokey to be
hitting my hammer with a hammer! Tim