Tool Marks

Hi Janet,

  How do you avoid *making* tool marks, and how do you *remove*  

You can use the ‘Jett Sett’ fixturing compound ( a combination of
thermoplastics and ceramic, non-toxic) to cover the tips of your
pliers and create a no-mar surface for forming and bending. You can
get a secure grip on your most detailed or delicate surface without
worry. You can reuse the Jett Set, a hard white palletised material,
as this product only requires hot water to melt it. You can get it
from various Tools and Equipment Wholesalers, but RioGrande can help
you with this product.

There are also Forming Pliers with nylon jaws that grip firmly
without marring metal surfaces. Request a RioGrande catalogue from and see them on page 200.

Hope that this may help you.

Regards from Sunny Malta.