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Tool junkie anon

If anyone is interested I am thinking of starting an Orchid 12 step
program for tool addicts.

I just bought my Knew Concept saw and yet another Fretz hammer…
and am l usting after two others that I “need”.

I have most of the Fretz mini-stakes and am slobbering over the
anvils now. I am addicted to cool tools; however, ownership of cool
tools does not necessarily translate into cool jewelry :slight_smile: So, before
someone points out the obvious to me and hurts my feelings… I do
realized that fancy tools are not a substitute for experience and

Please don’t tell my wife about the new hammer… I am in enough
trouble as it is.

Hi. My name is Jo and I’m a toolaholic. What’s worse is that I’m
married to another one. We’re old enough now that when our friends
in the trade ask us how we’re doing I wonder if they are secretly
wondering when the tool sale will be.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

I have most of the Fretz mini-stakes and am slobbering over the
anvils now. I am addicted to cool tools; however, ownership of
cool tools does not necessarily translate into cool jewelry :) 

Jewelers and watchmakers have the best tools of all:) People would
think very odd things of me if they knew how often I browsed the rio
grande catalog, lusting after those Fretz hammers…

Paul Anderson

HI I am Ken. I am a tool addict In my previous life of 30 some years
I was an automobile mechanic and technician. I was born a tool
addict. Now that I have progressed to jewelry artist in my retired
years, yes I too have plunged deeper into tool addiction. I have
grown over my life to appreciate the value of good tools. They are
safer and they made the job easier and better. So, it will not be
easy for me to join in the 12 step program, but I am willing to try.

Oh, did I just see a wax injector?

Ken Moore

Actually, I am quite happy being a tool junkie. At a Gem and Mineral
Society I had a display case entitled “From a Self-confessed Tool
Junkie”. It was well received.

Bobbie Horn

Yeah, but with the swivel blade clamp version, you can saw yourself
out of the doghouse.

Lee (the saw guy)

I might require a 14 step program. Rio’s 2011 tool & equipment
catalogue arrived in the mail recently and I’m pretty sure that I
"need" at least 1 of just about everything.


I’m a woman who would rather spend an hour in home depot than an
hour at any mall.

It makes it hard at social events when the guys and I huddle in a
corner to talk about their new saw vs, joining the group talking
about running the girl scout cookie sale.



No need to start a new 12 step program. I’ll supply one already in
existance, and it has fewer steps. Plus, it helps keep you out of
trouble with the wife.

Step one, realize you have an addiction which will never be cured,
but can be treated.

Step two, when the addiction overcomes you, and you buy yet another
cool tool, fight back and stay cool with the wife by sending it to
me. I’ll even pay postage on most items. While this merely feeds my
own addiction, it’s no problem. I have cats, but am not married, so
no troubles.

Alternative, less greedy option (less greedy of me, at least. And
isn’t it nice of me to suggest this? Gosh, whatta guy…) is to send
it to Andrew Fine, who’s let us know here on Orchid of his deep
desire and need to help cure people like you or I of their

Second alternative step two, in the event Andrew doesn’t need your
donation, there are certainly students and other newcomers to this
field who’d also welcome such donations. A post regarding the
availability of your latest addiction evidence is certain to make you
suddenly very popular.

Third alternative step two. The upcoming SNAG convention in May,
here in Seattle, will feature a variant on the traditional silent
auction. This time, they’re focused primarily on tools, supplies, and
the like, rather than donations for auction of people’s jewelry. So
if you like, donate your new cool drug purchase (tool) to the SNAG
silent auction. The money goes to a great cause, and this option is
even able to give you a tax deduction. This not only gets you out of
trouble with the wife since the offending tool isn’t there as
evidence, but if she finds the credit card expense and asks, you can
honestly claim it is for a charitable deduction to SNAG. How could
the wife or husband or significant other or pet of any jeweler or
metalsmith possibly have any objection to that, after all.



I’ve heard it said that you’re only as good as your tools. While that
might be true for some, its probably more important to be better than
your tools.

Case in point, me. ‘Yeah yeah, always takin about yourself’. If
someone sat at my bench (verbotten, btw) they’d likely think, “why
doesn’t this guy buy some new tools?”

When it comes to tools, I only care about results, that’s what makes
it a good tool. If there’s a sound mechanical reason for some
particular bell or whistle, hand rubbed Mongolian Yak horn handle
that allows a 6% better grasp, yeah fine, IF that 6% yields me a
discernably better product. If not its just tool bling. Might look
impressive on the wall but what’s happening on the bench is what I
go by.

Which is not to say one can’t appreciate beautiful tools. Might be a
shame though to muck them up by using them?

If anyone is interested I am thinking of starting an Orchid 12
step program for tool addicts. 

Not so interested in joining, but if you let me know where you are
meeting, I would be happy to take some of those pesky tools off your

Yes, it’s bad…


This made me laugh. I never in a million years would think I would
become a tool junkie. I married a mechanic/welder/metal
sculptor/electrician/plumber/woodworker. He is an expert at many
things and is a tool junkie. When he met me, I had never even held a
hammer! Now he is jealous of my new found thirst for tools, because,
guess who gets the new tools now?

Cynthia Cameron Design

And if you ever slake your desire for jewelry-making tools (hard to
imagine), think about branching out into woodturning, or heaven
forfend, lutherie (spelling?) tools. Even I haven’t dared ventured
into the latter!

Bill Mack
The Serial Craftsman

P.S.–Many, many thanks to all who responded to my homeowners
i nsurance question!

hi it’s me Sabrasupernovice

DEB your just trying to get members of the group to compare notes
and do trade ins. i know. i’m a damned junkie myself.

i want to start making stuff eventually before my designs go stale.
so iwill at one point have enough supplies. i go to classes so i let
the instructors tell me what the class supply list is.

like this weekend i have "Gypsy or Flush setting class. i will be
taking up Repousse as well that’s an entire different set of tools. i
want to get a mini - kiln (for annealing)and a regular kiln.

i have tools i don’t even know how to use. (prong setter, and bead
setter= with handles) i need a new jewelers bench (mine is soo darned
small it’s retarded.) and i bought a rolling mill and didn’t realize
i needed a roll= ing mill stand. so i have to get that as well. after
i finish my list: Matt Lathe tools for wax, Kiln, Mini Kiln for
annealing, another jewelers bench, rolling mill stand, chisels for
repousse - pitch and cups for pitch, Cloud Dome photography system
which makes your pictures pop and you can use yourself. and Jewelers
Software for catalog purposes. lastly since i hate soldering an ABI
Pulse ARc welder used or a ABI tac fusion welder.

i’ve got to save for that unless i get lucky on ebay. then i’m
finished. I know i’ll be finished. oH I Forgot i’m taking Anticlastic
Raising with Michael Good. and i need a fold forming roller. Jack
Berry has some nice fold forming tools - and i need lots of wax.

I HATE - LOVE TOOLS (oh yeah i’m in where do i join.) sheesh.