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Tool for flush mount settings

Was: Hammer handpiece

OK, so it’s been suggested that the hammer handpiece is not the best
tool for flush mount settings.

Frank, you wrote that the tool will do a great many things. What are
the many things this tool will do?

well lets see, I use mine to push bezels, prongs, and even texture,
and occasionally close up porosity. what do you use it for?

The original topic of this thread was about hammer handpieces and
their multiple uses. Being new to this type of tool, I was wondering
how people were using them since it seems that there is little info
available as I write this.

I will say that I contacted foredom about their hammer handpiece and
they have shown excellent customer service: I quickly received a
phone call and very informative emails. Plus, they said they will
have a video posted to their website in a couple weeks which is