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Tokyo jewelry attractions


Hello everyone,

Greetings from Japan! I’m writing to ask if anyone has any
suggestions for any kind of jewelry/metal related activities or
places to visit in or around Tokyo. I know that there are a ton of
museums throughout the city but have no idea which ones have good
jewelry collections. I am also looking for any small shops/galleries
that the normal tourist wouldn’t see. I am studying abroad for the
semester and will be here until the end of April so I want to make
the most out of the time I have. As I am unable to take any jewelry
classes while I’m here I would like to be able to see as much as
possible in the city both so that I can gain a better global
understanding of the field and so that I am fresh and full of ideas
when I return to school in the US.

Any or suggestions you can give would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you so much for your help!

Take care,
Tina Wiltsie

P.S. On a slightly related note, if anyone knows any
jewelry/metal/crafts related Japanese vocabulary, feel free to share
it. My language skills are pretty minimal so far but I want to learn
as much as I can.