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To quench or not to quench?

Can anybody advise me as to whether it is safe to quench yellow brass wire after annealing.
Thank you in advance for your advice

I have been working with jeweler’s brass (I think that it is 80/20) and treat it just like silver. You do get more of a copper look to the surface if you get it too hot. This is, I think, a result of the zinc burning off. There is discussion of this in the archives by Peter Rowe. I find jewelers brass to be a lot of fun to work with. You can do a lot of experimenting for a small amount of money. I have also cast it. You can see some of these pieces on my website.

Have fun and stay safe…Rob

Thanks for that Rob - if I can manage to get into the archives I will check it out.
I have found that finding the archives is somewhat of an arcane exercise!

I am wanting to anneal 2mm yellow brass wire - my worry was that I have read one should not cold quench brass after annealing as it can crack.

Stay safe.


My only experience is with jeweler’s brass (80/20). As I understand it, different alloys behave differently. All I can suggest is to look from an alloy specific point of view. Regardling the archives, there is a lot there to look at and it is a bit difficult to find. God luck…Rob