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To Janine

Hi Janine, nice to hear from someone! Non-sophisticated methods
include: to cast in natural sand, making my own chemicals
according to ancient recipes, working with ancient gold alloys
(Etruscan), “better hammer than file away”, granulation work,
cutting my own stones… Well, this I do when I have time or
someone asks me to do so. Right now I’m also studying political
science at the university, so the work has now become rather
secondary. About Idar-Oberstein: if you go for business, then you
should plan exactly your visits of your dealers; if you go for
fun, then be just welcome! There are lots of interesting sites in
very nice surroundings. Greetings, Michael Sonnenberg

Thanks for the reply Michael, Your work sounds fascinating. To
bad I won’t going to the Boden See this trip, I would try to look
you up. I have a jewelry store in California. I have been making
and repairing jewelry for almost 20 years. I do mostly repairs for
customers (boring) but get many chances to use my imagination in
making custom pieces. I hand make in gold and silver and also lost
wax cast. Good to hear from you, Janine