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Tix Solder Question

HI! Need to know how to remove some. What happened is the Alverno
Ceremonial Emblem (MACE) that I made originally has been dropped and
damaged. It consists of a center double faced 18 ga. fine silver
with cloisonne’ enamel both sides. The enamel was mounted between
two flush sterling frames which I tix soldered together in the oven.
The whole then being mounted with sterling wings and Plique-'a-jour
top on a walnut shaft. I have succeeded in dismantling each piece
for repair. But the double sided frame which had tix solder on it
needs to be cleaned up to reassemble. Other than laboriously hand
sanding, other suggestions welcome. Please see photos of the MACE
before it was dropped at Thanks, Pat DIACCA Topp

Hi Pat. Have you tried using small silicon wheels and points in your
flexshaft to do the cleanup on your fantastic piece???/I find them
invaluable for cleaning up bits of solder that got where it should
not have gotten. these wheets and points come in various size grits
(see the tools catalog of your favorite supplier). If you are
working near a stone or enamel, best use pumice wheels which
will not damage your work. Good luck–Alma