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Title, Unusual Projects

OK, OK, OK, I’ll tell mine also. Actually I have two. The first is
when I was right out of Trade school in 1977. I had a guy come and
ask me to make some good luck charms. Looking into the request
further I found he had been around and no one would do the job for
him. Maybe he just didn’t know anyone in the business. He also wanted
about six dozen of these things. They were small fertility pendants.
Shaped like guess what? Well, a small erect penis. At least I didn’t
have to make the original. I can hear it now, "hold still will ya!"
Any way I did cast them up and at the time didn’t know much about
casting so they all came out with some porosity. He took them and
sold them somewhere. I laugh when I think of how they all turned out.
A nice fertility good luck charm with a slight health problem.

The second is from around the same time. At my first bench job, I
was the whole shop. So many times I would deal directly with the
customer. A woman can in and dumped a whole bag of diamond rings on
my bench. She wanted a pendant be made from a picture of a large
luxury boat. I found out it was her nephews boat. So I fabricated the
profile a this large boat and loaded the thing with diamonds. It
originally was an oval pendant about three inches by two. After he
received it he had me turn it into a belt buckle. Awful!

All my best,
Todd Hawkinson
T.R. the Teacher