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Title, Unusual Projects, and Orchid

I’ve been reading with interest all the unusual projects posted
lately and I think I can contribute one that qualifies as unusual.
My ex-in-laws had two sterling napkin rings, each engraved with
their names. After they died the napkin rings went to a young
grand-daughter who decided to make them into cuff bracelets, and
who, pretty inexpertly, hacked them open. Years later, she gave
them to my daughter, who, even more years later, asked me if I would
please “do something” with them. How’s that for a challenge?

I spent the really necessary time stewing and fretting about what to
do and finally, I flattened them out. Then I cut the part with the
two names away from the rest, forming two rectangular disks. The
remaining strip I cut into similar size rectangular discs. I
engraved each disc with the names of my daughter, her children, her
parents and her grandparents. I soldered and riveted them all onto
a wide sterling bangle for my daughter last Christmas. It was a
complete hit.

After much deliberation I chose “Jeweler by Commission” as a title
on my business cards. I love the challenge of doing commissions
although they’re only a small part of what I do. Then there are the
other meanings of Commission: as in “commitment to the craft” and
also as in “the doing of the thing” - committing jewelry. Anyway,
that’s what my cards say and if nothing else, it’s a conversation

As for the Orchid Digest - I love it. It makes the vast process of
jewelry-making personal, human, and challenging, rather than
overwhelming. It is so valuable to know that there are others who
are out there who have faced the same dilemmas AND that there’s a
way to communicate with them and move on to the next. We are
fortunate to have it. Thank you Hanuman and all. Please, carry

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Charleen Tyson Weigel
Jeweler by Commission