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Titanium's wearability

hi to all! I would like to know if anyone out there has experience or
knowledge of how well titanium or niobium wears. I am interested in
setting an anodized piece in a ring using a bezel setting and wonder
if this is practical or does the oxide film wear off with just a
small amount of wear and tear. I have only used titanium and
niobium in earrings.

I just love the chance to pick the brains of you wise and wonderful

Brigid Ryder

The patina will off! If you want to keep color it must be protected
by the design. Use it lilke you would a dark patina on silver. Color
the piece then buff off the high lights. Bill


I make only uncolored (unoxidized) titanium rings, but from my
experience with oxide coatings they tend to wear off in a matter of
days. It is possible to oxide coat the inside of a grooved section on
a ring and that greatly increases the durability, but it will never be
more than a few months at best. Ring wear and tear is very high
compared to any other jewelry piece.

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs