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Titanium tension rings?

Hi, I am wondering if Titanium is springy enough to make tension
fingerrings with a single stone and what thickness the shank must
have. Is a 4mm round shape shank enough? Has anyone out there
experience with that? Thanx a lot. Michael from the lake (Lake of
Constance, Germany)

tension rings have been appearing regularly on the market. From what
I have seen they are made from grade #2 Ti pipe. There are no real
rules or standards to go from. At least not written down anywhere.

Bill Seeley, President, Reactive Metals Studio, Inc.
Catalog web site- <>

Hello Michael, From 3 mm diameter on, you can make in titanium
tension rings. I have also 4mm ones and I always say with these, if
people ask if the stone will not fall out, If you can remove the stone
with your fingers you may keep the ring. Of couse this will never be
the case. You need some reverse pliers for this job. Seegering pliers
will do perfect. Ask in an car tool shop for these type of pliers.

Greeting from Zwolle (Netherlands)
Martin Niemeijer

Dear Michael

Yes you can make tension rings in 4mm diam Titanium. If you care to
let me have your snail mail address, I can send you a (Danish)
description on how it is easily made.

Kind regards
Niels Lovschal, Jyllinge, Denmark