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Titanium strips

    Hi Noel,  I saw your offer to send titanium strips on the
Orchid post and I would be interested in receiving them but would
insist on paying you.  I think your offer is too generous and would
not want to take advantage of your generosity.  Also, I missed the
very first part of this thread so I am not exactly sure of the
details on how you use them.  If you are willing to send me some
with an explanation and I would need to know the cost, of course, I
would be happy to pay you for them.  Please let me know and I will
send you my address.   Thanks  GRACE STOKES 

Those of you who wrote for the ti strips–I’ll be cutting them and
sending them off in a few days, I hope.As for how to use it–please
consult the archives–it’s been covered a couple of times.I
appreciate all the offers for compensation, but it isn’t necessary.
The postage will be minimal–we’re talking two little strips like,
oh, 2" by 3/8" of 28g ti, which can go in an envelope, and weighs
nothing. If you want to pay something, send it to Hanuman.It does
help, however, if I have your address. If you forgot, please send it
along. Noel

Hi Noel

I have been away for the holiday visiting my parents and have not
been able to keep up with the messages, taking today off to catch up.
I would be interested in the titanium strips. I would be happy to
add a donation to this wonderful group in your name.

Would you please send the strips to

Barbara Mclaughlin
PO Box 793
Stratham, NH 038850-0793

Thank you for your generous offer.