Titanium Source

Hi All,

We’re working on a couple of new hardware pieces (zipper pulls,
etc.) and are hoping to get some samples done in titanium. Can
anyone recommend a source to machine these pieces? We’re in NYC.
There are several machine shops here that work with titanium but
these guys are accustom to working in sizeable quantities. They
don’t respond very well to the small jeweler who needs a few
pieces done every now and then.

Thanks in advance.

Helmie A. Ashiblie
Tribeca Foundry, Inc.

I machine titanium, and many other exotic metals and ceramics.
Please contact me by email. Thanks,

Kevin Willis
Advantage Tool & Microweld
1727 Bethel Road Suite B
Decatur, Al. 35603
256-353-7095 fax
email: betkev@aol.com

Hi - a couple of places to check out are Ti Specialties and
Exotica. Both can be found on the web (search: titanium). Or get
in touch will Bill Seeley at Reactive Metals Studio.

‘Red’/Niobium Additions


You can purchase titanium in small quanities from Reactive
Metals 520/634-3434,

Stephane in ever changing San Francisco