Titanium rings

There has been some discussion about making Titanium rings but I need
a source commercial produced Ti rings. Anyone out there have one they
are happy with?

Mark Chapman
White Wolf Jewelry Arts
Missoula, Mt

Hello Mark, You can purchase several basic titanium rings and bracelet
in the Netherlands, from almost ready to rough unfinished rings. Try to
contact the Firm Alma findings for these items. I also know that can
make any shape of rough ring you want, with a small delivery time of
3-4 weeks. Do you need any help from me to make contact with them, or
should I let them make contact with you. If you like I can send a
scanned copy of a brochure

The adress is:

Alma findings BV Postbox 44 1800 AA Alkmaar Netherlands phone: +31 72
520333 fax +31 72 5203300 E-mail Almafindings@planet.nl

Ask for mr F. Akkerman

Martin Niemeijer

Mark, Spector is a company that produces titanium rings. They are
located in deerfeild Fl.


Mark (or anyone else interested),

I have a complete line of titanium rings (all handmade by me) for
sale at wholesale prices. My wholesale prices are 60% of my website
price (40% discount). The rings come as just solid titanium or
various designs with inlays of platinum, gold, or silver. I am a
small one man operation, and I am capable of producing about 25-40
rings per week (depending on style). Check out my web page and let me
know if it is what you are looking for.


Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

Hello all, I am interested in beginning a new hobby crafting titanium

I wonder if someone could tell me what basic equipment I would
require. Also, could anyone recomend a good resourse
(aside from Orchid) of course.

Thank you for your time,
Joel D. Pednaud, Rev.

I would suggest a lathe. If you have never used one, then you might
want to take some classes in general machining. If you have mastered
the lathe (at least well enough to get by), then I would suggest a
milling machine. Those are the only two tools you will need.

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs