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Titanium polishing

Hello Shaun,

I have received several solutions for anodising solutions. I tested a
lot of them The ultrasonic wetting solutions worked best for me. It
is stuff like Swipe. I have not tried ammonium sulphate, but
according the books it should be working oke. I have some in order at
my chemical supplier. Also a sugar solution worked well. it was easy
to put high voltages and Amps on this solutions, without getting a
break down of the oxide layer.

For polishing titanium you need sharp abrasives, such as silicium
carbides. These abrasives are taking more metal of and producing less
heat than Carborundum types. What I use are laminated grinding shafts
and wheels. made from the silicium carbide sandpaper. These shafts are
build up with 100-500 piece of linen grinding paper. and are glued on
the central shaft. grain 80-100 After this I use polyurethane bonded
SiC. wheel ,grain 120 for flat surfaces And for pre-polishing green
(chromium oxide) paste. For the final polish I use grey stuff for
Stainless steel, I do not know the compound but found a few kilo’s
very cheep.

For a satin finish I use scotch and brite pads .

The company “Pferd” has good documentation on grinding and polishing
on an industrial way.

Polishing is handwork for me and do not have experience with
tumbling or electro polishing. I have found a book with formula’s for
electro polishing. but it is at my other work. and the chemicals are
rather aggressive (extremely dangerous for ignorant among us) If you
are interested I will scan some copies. but that will be next week

Martin Niemeijer

Vibratory and tumble polishing can be achieved with ceramic media
and standard wetting solutions sold by jewelry supply houses. Bill