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Titanium pins

From time to time I have to secure a piece in place on a charcoal block so that it won’t move while I solder a jump ring to it. I have always used whatever pointed piece of wire, nail, pin etc. that I can find. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. I am thinking about buying some 18 G titanium wire and making pins for this purpose. Does this make sense? I already use titanium strips as soldering aids to hold larger pieces in place. Thoughts please. Thanks…Rob

I have some little slivers of thin titanium sheet - offcuts from when i was at collage many years ago and i often use some of them stuck into my charcoal block or to shim one bit to the same level as another when soldering so you wire sounds like a good idea. Regards Robin from wet stormy Scotland.

Titanium bicycle spokes!!


Good idea!

A wonderful idea! I’ll try to pick a few up when i’m In town next week.
Glenn, deep in the northern Colorado mountains where it is snowing an inch an hour.

Have you tried those T-pins that you can buy at a hardware store?

Judy Bjorkman