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Titanium Iridium Alloy?

Hi there,

I have read that titanium can be alloyed with.1% iridium raising it’s
corrosion resistance by 100%. My question is what is the maximum
amount of iridium that can be alloyed with titanium and still
allowing it to be malleable and what is the exact methods involved in
this type of alloying?

Thank you.
Best Regards,
Max Parsanlal

Max, let’s just start out by saying that all melts of titanium have
to be in a very hard vacuum (10-7 TORR). This is nothing you can do
in an ordinary studio. Titanium is about as inert as glass to start
with, so what’s the point? 100%? Sounds extreme. Where did you read
this? That would be an excellent place to start. I am not sure
anyone on this forum will have an answer or want to do the research.

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