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Titanium fusion welders?

Dear Fellow Orchidites- A request on behalf of a friend with a pair
of broken Titanium glasses. Do any of you work with or know of any
craftspersons able to fusion weld Titanium?

Feel free to email me directly or call: 415.504.6296.


Eye glasses are repaired with laser welders. Call around, many
jewelers have them. They will need a titanium filler wire which we
supply. They will also need a full argon atmosphere to get a good weld.

Bill Seeley

Suggest you try the LaserStar Workstation…Laser are frequently
used to mfg and repair Titanium products such as eyeglasses and
dental laboratory components. To ensure a homogenous weld with
Titanium, a cover/inert gas atmosphere is mandatory such as Argon.
If you are interested in finding a LaserStar user in your regional
area, please advise and we would be happy to inform you of someone
close by.

Believe me - take the frame to an optician! Replacing the broken
frame piece will save in the long run and you stand the chance of
altering the position of the focus of the lens. Eyeglasses are
precision instruments.

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone

I took my broken titanium frames to the JCK show in Las Vegas in
June in hopes of finding on of the laser welder reps. could weld
them for me. They all said they couldn’t do it because they didn’t
have Argon gas at the show. At the LaserStar booth,Louise Pichierri,
the sales rep, said she would take my frames back to her plant,
repair them and mail them to me.She would not accept payment or even
shipping costs. I received yhe repaired frames in about a week. She
did a wonderful job. Her E-mail is -