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Tips on dealing with your showroom

Hello Friends:

I am not sure how to communicate with my showroom- this is my third
one. The first showroom was a large one in NYC. The offices were
gorgeous- the displays were wonderful - everyone at the showroom
appeared really excited about my work- flash forward two months
later- I discover my work is not being showcased in one of the
gorgeous displays but on a tray in a heap (the tray looked exactly
like the ones used at my old high school for hot lunches. Needless
to say I took my work out of that showroom. The second showroom went
out of business and I lost my stuff. GREAT… Now I am with my 3rd
showroom. They seem reputable- I am one of two jewelers- the rest of
the folks are handbags and clothes. I really like the rep- she is
connected with some great stores and trade shows. However I asked for
a job plan- what they plan on doing for me- what stores are they
going to target- no response. I asked for a picture of how my work is
displayed- (they are in LA) I never got the picture. I only get
really vague info and so far after one month no sales. I am lousy at
wholesale but I manage to get a few accounts per month on my own. I
feel like I am totally pestering these guys with my calls and emails.
Finally a person I know who works with this rep told me to give them
2-3 months to market and sell my line- is that normal? I get decent
press in National magazines- I have accounts already -should it be
that hard for them since they are already seasoned sales
professionals? Maybe showrooms aren’t the answer. Any stories to
share guys?