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Tips for finding designer

Grettings all. I asked for advice on silver casting last December and
recieved wonderful ammounts of and help. I’ve been
following the board as nest as I can and relized the incredible depth
of knowledge that is present in Orchid’s many members. I would like
to avail myself of some of that knowledge. I am to be married in
about 7 months and my fiance and I can not find any wedding sets we
like. I was hoping someone might be able to refer me to a good,
ethical designer here in Denver, CO or that you all could give me
some tips on what to look for and the right questions to ask. We did
find one designer that we thought was going to be able to provide the
services we needed, but they took our money and ran. I’m trying to
learn from my mistake. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Each summer as I return to the Estes Valley there is one thing I do
as soon as our cabin is ship-shape. I head to town to see what’s new
at the Village Goldsmith, 235 W Elkhorn Ave… They have beautifully
good sound fresh designs and bench jewelers with skills to match
them. Its changed ownership during the last few years, but its
standards seem the same. The shop is only a couple of hours drive up
Interstate 25, turning off at the Lyons-Estes Park exit. I don’t
know the new owners, but I think you should call ahead (
970-586-5659). In addition to jewelry talk, ask practical things
like where to park and slow days.

Best Wishes and Congratulations to both of you,

Joyce Albers
Atop Holy Hill outside Estes Park

For a designer try Richard Kimball in Denver. He is of impeccable
reputation, has his own store, and is a wonderful designer.

Phone: 303 388-6624