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Tips for cutting Marra Mamba Tiger Eye


I recently purchased some Marra Mamba rough, its basically a fancy
tiger eye from Australia, my problem is that the outside of the
material is kinda hairy, the fibers are peeling away on the outside
surfaces of the rock. When I slab it, the inside seems solid. If I
cut cabs, Will my cabs grow hair on them like the out side of the
rock? Should it be stabilized or will the inside material generaly be
ok when polished?



Be very careful. I’m not familiar with that material, but from your
description of the fibers be sure to protect your lungs.


Hi Billy,

We are the distributor for African Pietersite which many confuse
with Marra Mamba. Pietersite is formed by a process known as
brecciation. The fibrous structure of both Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye are
broken via the earth’s geologic process. The tiny fragments are later
naturally cemented together by quartz creating a finished product
with multiple hues and superb chatoyancy. The boulders outside, and
occasional pockets inside, can be ‘hairy’ or fibrous looking.

The solid portions cut and polish excellent and are stable. I
believe Marra Mamba would cut and polish in a similar manner.


Ed Cleveland