Tips for bezel/tube setting where multiple stones touch

Hello! I have the same issue on a pendant and ring. Both have a mix of stone sizes, and the bezels/tube settings are intended to touch … but when I go to solder the finished bezels together it seems obvious that I won’t have enough ‘access’ to set the lower/smaller stones. (Some are as small as 1.8mm.) I usually set with a pusher and/or rocker, but it seems like even the bezel punches need more access than I’ll have. Advice would be appreciated!


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If they are diamond or corundum, spin tube set them first. They’ll be okay as long as you don’t get them too hot. If not, fold the top of the best inwards before soldering, then once they are soldered together, you can open them back up with a broken burr tip by rocking it around from the inside of the opening.

They aren’t diamond/corundum, but thanks for the tip on pushing in then opening the bezel top. I’ll try that!