Tip Using Flat Graver

Hello all Orchid folks, its me again…:>)

Here is another very helpful setting technique, free of charge to
anyone! Try an use a Flat Graver for the following setting procedure.
…" How can I use a Flat-graver in setting an Engagment ring?"…This
helpful technique is not only VERY necessary but it will give you a
clean and beautiful ‘finish’ on your setting process…After you
make a bearing cut with your 156C, or bearing cutter of the 90 Degree
angled burr. Try an avoid any filing, this will leave a textured
finish on one side of the claw made by your file.

It is as well proven fact that once you use a file, you must then
use a Pumice wheel or even use your polishing buff to remove ANY
marks, prior to actual setting of the stone. Now get your Flat Graver
of #40 and place this great little blade from the top of the groove
and cut right down to the bottom of the side of the claw…this must
be done in one cutting motion…if your graver is well sharpened, the
resulting action will leave a nice BRIGHT-cut, with no need for

I just taught my latest student this method and after I left, he
used this method…and the results were pleasing to his boss and the
buying client…but here is the clincher, you must have a finely
honed graver and always keeping well polished. The reason is if your
graver is not cutting well, all rough edges will be transferred to
the claw,and you folks don’t need this addtional hassle, now do