Tip for UK useful tools

Heres a tip for any UK jewellers or newbies looking for useful tools
or torches. Every year I attend a local Model Engineering
Exhibition, my local one this September is at Ascot Racecourse, but
they are held at various venues around the UK during the year. At
these exhibitions it is possible to buy most jewellery tools and
adaptable tools as used by model engineers. I attend one each year
and stock up on files, burrs, polishing mops, and non precious
metals, I buy steel rods for making ring spits and chasing tools. A
few years ago I purchased a good quality Oxy Propane torch set up for
home use. My local show also has a second hand section which can
sometimes have selections of old hammers, not available at jewellers
tool supply shops. About five years ago one show had the contents of
a silversmith’s workshop for sale and I bought a few stakes at a
knockdown price.

Peace and good health to all
James Miller FIPG