[Tip] Bench tray screen

I am so pleased with the screen that I just put on my bench filings
tray…I must share!

Others have mentioned to cover your tray drawer with hardware
screen, so yours tools can rest on it instead of the in the filings
or wax.

I tried this, but I didn’t like the bounciness of the hardware
screen, and it is hard to remove the curve from when it was rolled.

The alternative is to buy a pet guard screen that is meant to be
attached to the bottom section of your screen door to protect the bug
screen. It is an expanded metal, and comes with a metal trim. Home
Depot has it powder coated.

It’s flat, strong, and for my tray I could keep 3 metal trim
edges…therefore no sharp edges on the front or sides as I
installed it. I also attached a piece of wine cork under the front
edge because didn’t cover the front 4" of the tray.

Best Wishes,
in wet Portland, Oregon