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Tiny cursive writing in silver

I have seen several silver pieces, usually bracelets, with rather
long inspirational messages or phrases imprinted in simple cursive
script into the surface of the silver. The words are beautifully
regular and consistent in depth, unlike other’s I’ve seen that have
obviously been stamped in one-letter-at-a-time by hand - nor is it
flourish-y like engraving.

Does anybody have any knowledge about what kind of a machine or tool
or system is used to get this result?

Charleen Tyson Weigel
2930 Spruce Way
West Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 372-5740
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Dear Charleen, I know of two methods that will produce the lettering
results you describe. One is to print out the message on a computer,
using whatever font you think is best, then sending the printed copy
to a Graphic Arts company to photo-engrave (photo etch) the lettering
into a magnesium model. Trim the model, reproduce in a rubber mold,
and cast the item. The lettering can either be raised or recessed,
whichever you decide is best. This process is very inexpensive, but
does require knowledge and expertise of many jewelry manufacturing

The second method requires using a very expensive engraving machine
that has a spinning cutter to machine the lettering deeply into the
metal. Many years ago I used a Hermes of this type when I was working
for a large automotive manufacturer, but unless you can find an
engraving company that will do this for you on a contract, I’m afraid
the machine cost would be prohibitive.

If you would like more on the photo etch process, contact
me off list and I will send you some more