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Tin Man hose

How can i switch TM hose to my Little Torch

Contact Tin Man and ask them. The Little Torch hose is very light and I am not sure if you will see much of an improvement in flexibility over the TM hose. I have a TM hose on my Meco and use a Little Torch too and am able to compare them…Rob

The TM hoses are great. I also use it with my Meco. Maybe a tad more flexible than the hoses on the Little Torch but not enough to warrant replacing them…

Do you think 10 years is a good time to replace the hose on my little torch

Thanks andy_c

Mine is close to 35 years old and I have never replaced it. If it started to leak or crack or the sheath started to come apart, I might replace it. Do a leak test and see…Rob

Great to know Thanks