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TIG welder

I do some metalsmithing, mostly with copper and steel, as a hobby.
I have the opportunity to do a large metal sculpture (7 x 8 feet)
that almost, but not quite, requires a TIG welder. Does anyone ever
use TIG welding in the fabrication of jewelry sized items? I am
trying to justify the purchase. The other equipment I have is a
Little torch with oxy acetylene tanks, a stick welder, bench
grinders, polishing equipment, a chemistry lab, and a tile cutting
saw. I think I need different equipment, smaller things, to do
jewelry, but I don’t know where to start. Is the TIG welder useful
for small items?


You can rent one check your local gas propane tank refillers for the
company that supplies welders in you area and see if they rent and
if not rent in your area maybe a used system. If that doesn’t work
contact a college art dept and see if one can be rented borrowed etc
just some thoughts

An American Cameo Artist

Deb: I just fished building an oil bag for my custom Harley, It takes
a major amount of experience to do a ‘stack of dimes’. A quote used
for a proper look to the weld seam! I have known people that can tig
a pop can! As far as using it to do minuscule work it’s a matter of
control, but the heat generated is intense and not localized to just
the work area. Practice will determine your answer. Ringman

Deb, I use a Lincoln Precision TIG 275 for my welding and fusing of
metals. I do highly recommend getting the advanced control panel
with it. You can dial the unit way down and still keep the quality
work from the welder.


Ring14K, I was taught how to TIG on pop cans after the normal
training. But I just attached a setting to a ring with my Lincoln
TIG 275. Took lots of time to set it up and only took a tap of the
petal to do the work. Both were gold and I fused them, instead of
welding them .

Take care,