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Tiffany trademark - Bertrandite

much discussed "Tiffany" stone, that they spelled it with one F -

Hi Pat, I don’t know that that would be enough to deter any
worthwhile attorney… if there is such a thing! :wink: If you started
producing a car you called “Cadilac”, I’m pretty sure you’d have a
whole fleet of lawyers seeking to make your acquaintance. It strikes
me as a feeble attempt to find some room to maneuver, but if the
Tiffany chose to pursue it, they would probably prevail. Its a
question of whether it is worth trying to enforce… what is the
economic impact?

Ralph Lauren’s legal team recently forced a local “adult
entertainment venue” named Polo to change its name. The logo and sign
in no way bore resemblance to Lauren’s well-recognized trademarks,
and even though I’m confident the sport of polo predates Mr. Lauren’s
birth, the establishment in question chose not to fight.

I realize that’s a different set of circumstances, but serves to
illustrate that it’s often a matter of whether either party cares
enough to take legal action, and whether the other party feels up to
the fight. I don’t know the perceived lack of action on Tiffany’s
part means the party marketing the stone would prevail in a legal
battle, were it to come to that.

P.S. I’m not an attorney… but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express
last night. :slight_smile:

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)