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Tiffany Stone/Opal with Fluorite, manganese, etc!

On the subject of a new name for “Tiffany Stone” and after some
off-list correspondence with Tom Munson (who really knows this
material), I’m voting for calling it “Spor-opalite”: “Spor” for its
origin (Spor Mountain) and “opalite” because it’s less than pure
opal, has no fire, but has common opal as an essential ingredient.
Any takers?


P.S. Tom really does have some gorgeous stones for sale on ebay.
At the moment there’s only one example of Spor-opalite but the others
are well worth seeing. Go to ebay and search under “Sellers” for

Based on the current market practices, I think we will be purchasing
"tiffany stone" and “beryllium opal” and selling Spor Mountain opalite
:slight_smile: . I attended the Quartzsite Pow Wow over the weekend, and the
matter is now more complicated-- one dealer was selling material
similar to the Spor Mountain stuff as beryllium opal, but claimed it
was from Mexico, and gave it a trade name of “purple passion.”

It just doesn’t stop…

Lee Einer

How about Sporpalite? (bg)



I second your suggestion but suggest adding a second ‘o’ for

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry!