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Tiffany Stone/Opal with Fluorite, manganese, etc! NAMES

It’s been great reading the that Tom Munson provides for

As far as a name… On the humorous side, perhaps the Brush Wellman /
Spor Mnt. Bertrandite, Beryllium, etc., Opalite stone, can survive
the name of… “Triple B S Opalite”

In other words: ( " BBBS Opalite " ) Indicating the names we have
become accustomed to and providing the most triggering clues for,
further and history…

The first B is for, Brush Wellman.
The 2nd B is for, Beryllium.
The 3rd B is for,  Bertrandite.
And the S is for, Spor Mountain.

It might just stick and make the Lapidary arts a little more fun and
would naturally lead into discussing the other mineral contents,
which provide colors, such as the fluorite and manganese, etc…

If not that name, how about, “Spor Wellman Opalite”… The S & W
Stone ?

Thanks for the and opportunity to have fun and express
ourselves Tom.