Tiffany & Co. silver nickle, rhod. what?

 What is that shinny stuff they plate silver with, in this thread
I have heard Rhodium, nickol,chrome.  What is the real answer
Rhod. is kinda expensive to put on silver. 


Its nickle, I say that because years ago I had a ton of things
nickle plated at Tanury plating (I won’t tell you that long money
losing story). They are the people who plate Cross pens and such, a
huge company. They said that you need a barrier coat to prevent
oxidation on silver, and nickle is the only thing that is
non-porous enough to do that. So even if you want to gold plate
silver, if you don’t want it to oxidize you have to nickle plate
it first. And to complicate it futher you need to copper plate it
prior to nickle plating.

You could rhodium plate it but that won’t prevent the oxidation
like nickle. Nickle is also harder and won’t scratch as easily.

Mark P.
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