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Tie Tack pin stems (cast or other)

  Look at a "Sparkie II", works great for Tie Tacks, Ear

Not knocking any of the Sparkie machines, I have a question
regarding “tie tac’s” for men. I keep hearing that men don’t
really want to pierce their expensive, silk ties with pins. So,
are the only options the findings which look like money clips
(only smaller)? These are usually base metal, I work with
silver, and would like to do some kind of nice, sterling, tie
thingie (sorry, I cannot be more detailed, I don’t have a clue
as to what I’m thinking of is called. ) I try to keep adornments
totally hand made - not from molds, but fabricated. BUT, I
find that I do need some cast items, because I cannot make them

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in

Here’s a tedious to make but nice looking alternative. Hope this
translates since I don’t have a picture for you. Work it out on
paper first please since my dimensions here are WAY approximate
and it will help you understand what the darn thing looks like.

Finding for tie-chain

  1. With 18 ga wire, form a loop big enough to go over a shirt
    button. Add a longish, thin “U” shaped bit to the loop so the
    unit can be slipped over the button and then pulled back into the
    "U". (note: this unit kinda looks like a cartoon word ballon)

  2. Cut (2) 2" lengths of 18 ga square wire and solder jump rings
    to all ends. Jumps should lie in the same direction.

  3. Cut a 3" lenth of 18 ga wire and gently score (like the end
    of an earring post) half the length at 1/4" intervals. Solder an
    earring back to a 1 1/2" piece of tubing that accepts the wire
    tightly. Slip the wire into the end of the tubing with the
    earring back. Solder jump rings to the open ends of the unit.
    This will allow the tie-chain finding to expand for different
    width ties. (note: you might need to broach the earring back a
    bit to accomodate the wire and also snug the back to the wire

  4. Join jumps of one end of each square wire unit to the button
    unit. Join the other end of the square wire units to either end
    of the telescoping tubing unit. You will have a triangular piece
    constructed of all the units, with the button bit at the apex and
    the tubing bit at the base.

  5. Now you can use jumps to attach a 5" piece of nice weight
    chain to the rings on the tubing unit. The chain may also be
    split in the middle for a pendant decoration.

  6. To wear, the loop is slipped over the button and snugged
    down, the tie is slipped between the chain and the tubing and the
    whole is adjusted for width. No tie damage ever and this item
    keeps the tie nicely in place.

heh, get all that? Hope it helps :slight_smile:
(Bench Monkeys Unlimited)