Tie rings in the early 1900s

As an oarsman, wishing to design a tie ring for my rowing club, I
would be so grateful to know whether rings around ordinary
gentlemen’s ties, worn immediately below the knot of the tie, ever
existed, ever were fashionable. My French teacher wore one at my
school in Holland sixty years ago. It had a precious stone in its
centre. Might such rings have been in vogue in France in the early

I wish I could attach a picture but can’t.

I would be most grateful for any help,

yours sincerely, Robbert van Mesdag

rings around ordinary gentlemen's ties, worn immediately below the
knot of the tie 

So this would be similar to a finger ring? Perhaps flattened a bit so
the gem would stay in the center? I think this could be a very cool
new fashion accessory for the well-dressed man, though it might be
most appealing to the alternative-lifestyle set. I’d want it to have
some kind of safety chain to a tie-tack or to go through the knot
with a toggle so it didn’t fall off. I wish I knew some well-dressed


A necktie ring sounds very elegant. I’d wear one if I wore a suit
again. I think it would work best on wider ties with more plies so
there is a more substantial body beneath the ring to hold it in
place. Other than that you’d need some device to hold it in place.
If you used some device that reaches up into the knot you’d probably
need two different ones for both Windsor knots and four in hand
knots. What if you had a gemstone on something similar to a stickpin
and holes in the neck ring with some clasp mechanism on the rear,
perhaps similar to an earring post mechanism. Then you could put the
ring in place, work the stick pin through and be done. Another
benefit is that you could have pins with various gems as well as
rings in various metals with varying surface treatments so you could
mix and match for your various necktie/shirt/suit combos.

Mike DeBurgh