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[Tidbits] Zebra


Psst. Hey. You. Yeah…you. Wanna eat a Zebra? Hmmmm? No? Why not? In
some circles zebra meat is rather a tasty dish indeed. And before any
of you go yech…blech…zebra meat!..not moi hunny bunny …think of
what you ‘will’ eat. It’s a balmy night. You’re dressed in a nice
dinner jacket…she’s wearing a beautiful frock…and you’re in the
mood for food…preferably something slimy…that seemingly crawls on
its belly while leaving a trail of viscous ooze behind it…like a
slug perhaps…or a snail. Of course…it’s never called a snail. In
English it’s a disgusting thing to eat. But say snail in French…and
it becomes Escargot…and now it’s a delicious delicacy. So…if you
can eat snails…then why not Zebras? I was brought up in Europe. I
had horse meat. It was really quite good medium rare…with a baked
potato and some asparagus on the side.

But…but but but…what has this to do with jewelry? Benjamin…this
ain’t no epicurean interest group you’re talking to. Gold and
diamonds… that’s what we want. And maybe a ruby or two thrown in for
good luck. Well folks…for you sticklers for detail…I can only
respond…anybody want to see a black and white enameled…eighteen
karat gold and diamond Zebra with ruby eyes eating a diamond ring? Of
course…it ain’t no Escargot…but still…

Just to get back to this food thing for a minute. Did you know that
one of the reasons zebras are a slowly vanishing species is because
they taste great over an African campfire? Yeah…well…there it is.
The naked truth …brought to you one again by yours truly. Did you
know that there are places here in the good old US of A where you can
buy a zebra…should you want one. Imagine walking your zebra down
fifth avenue with a giant sized pooper scooper slung over your
shoulder for those moments when your pet zebra is unable to behave in
a manner befitting a civilized New Yorker…as if there were any other

For those of you unwilling to make the investment of time and labor
involved in rearing your own pet zebra–regardless of what wonderful
pets they may make…for those of you I present a diamond-ring eating
zebra bangle. It is absolutely stunning…and it goes to show there
is no topic or animal which will not lend itself to the creation of
beauty in the right hands.

Alas…I have no info on year of creation…of the creator…or
anything else. The upside is that this is one of those instances where
beauty stands alone on it’s own merits. Go take a look at it. You will
be more than pleased. I promise.

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
direct you to my home page at where you will
scroll down the table menu till you get to the box that says
Tidbits…and inside the box where it says Tidbit Graphics…click on
the link that says: Zebra…where you will see a graphic of our
equine bangle.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next
week. Benjamin Mark

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