[Tidbits] Xenarthra

First and most important… as many of you guessed… the answer is
Coco Chanel. And now…


An amazing creature. Let’s talk about its swimming techniques. It
comes upon a narrow stream or river… it walks in… and because it
has no buoyancy… it walks along the rived bed till it reaches the
other side. However… let us suppose the river is wide and our
creature is unable to hold its breath for as long as is required in
order to travel across this new great span. What does it do? It
gulps down air into its intestines… and then more air… till it is
now so filled with air that it can float… and it can now swim
across the river. But here’s the thing of it. Once on the other
side… it can take a few hours for it to get rid of the excess air
it has taken in. I think this is a good thing… for if it were to
release all that air rapidly… I imagine it would suddenly find
itself shooting forward… as though propelled from sling-shot…
unexpectedly airborne… careening in zig-zag fashion… bouncing off
the trees … out of control… much akin to a rapidly deflating
noisy balloon … wondering after it landed in a bewildered crumpled
heap on the forest floor… what the hell happened? Mother nature
clearly knows what she’s doing.

But there are more amazing facts in regards to this creature. Aside
from humans… it is the only other mammal in the world that can
contract Leprosy. It is for this reason… sadly for them… that
they are used by the medical profession for leprosy research.

How long… you may well ask… does it take from the moment the male
inseminates her to the time she gives birth? The answer… pretty
much as long as she wants… for she has the ability to delay
implantation for as much as two years… giving the illusion of a
virgin birth.

And then there are the children. Ah yes. The children. Life often
comes down to that. Well… there are always four. And they are
always an identical set of quadruplets. Here’s how it works. The
babies are conceived from a single egg. The initial embryo divides
into two and those two divide into two more… making four from one
egg… a.k.a identical quadruplets… always… no exceptions.

Yeah yeah. And what… pray tell dear Benjy… what has this to do
with jewelry? Hmmm? Yes. Well. Funny you should ask. I’ll tell you
what it has to do with jewelry. I have an image of an 18 karat gold
plique-a-jour enameled automated Xenarthra–also known as an
armadillo–designed by Asprey. It’s body is additionally enhanced
with diamond spacers and fringes. It has cabochon emerald eyes and
it comes with a key which winds the concealed mechanism which makes
it walk and bend to the ground for food. As an aside… may I add
that it’s a good thing the critter is not so realistic as to take in
enough air to make it buoyant as I would not want to be around it in
case of misfire.

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark