[Tidbits] Who Is He

I found the perfect gift… something for someone who has everything.
It is a 14 karat Gold Necessaire de Toilette made by Cartier, date
not given but valued at 30,000 SF back in 1989. Now here’s the thing
of it… one of the items in this Necessaire de Toilette harkens back
to a name quite famous. Let me tell you about the man. You tell me
who he is… if you can… heh heh.

He arrived in the United States from Nova Scotia in 1903. He had a
total of seventy-five dollars to his name. And he had a bible. He
also had an irresponsible nature and a daydreaming mentality.
Previous to having arrived in the USA he had been fired from three

Ultimately… in Boston… he secured a position as a ticket
collector for the elevated railway. Alas… he was summarily fired
when he decided one day… on a whim… to take the train for a
joyride and then crashed it.

He then took on a job as a stable hand and was kicked out for
neglecting the horses. Our friend had serious problems. Subsequent to
this he took a job as a messenger but–you guessed it–he kept on
losing the packages entrusted to his care. Ye gads man… this guy
was a disaster. So he did what any misfit in this world of ours with
a reasonable amount of common sense does… he went into business for
himself. He found a product… one of which you can see in the
Necessaire de Toilette… and started on his own in 1905.

He rented a room in Hartford, Connecticut and began peddling from
door to door. He labored late into the night. He sold during the
day. And to his amazement… as well surely to the amazement of those
who knew him… he found he ha a knack… and he became a success.

By 1910 he had a staff of 25 men peddling his wares. As is the way
with all products… technology began to infringe on his business
and the specter of losing all he had worked for loomed on the
horizon. He fought back. In the July of 1919 issue of House
Furnishing Review he took out an ad informing housewives of America
that there was a misconception that modern technology would ease
their burdens. To the contrary, he said. Ignore scientific
advancement and return to hard labor for this will keep you healthy
and ward off the ills of the indolent…

This versatility enabled our misfit to survive quite well till 1943
when he retired as president of his company with annual sales topping
10 million dollars. He had become part of the American scene. Who was
he… this guy who couldn’t hold a job to save his life. Let me know
what you think.

The Necessaire de Toilette had a comb, a shoehorn, two perfume
bottles, a powder box, two brushes, a mirror, a nailpolisher, and a

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its collection an item akin to that which was sold by our hero.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

Hello Mr. Mark.

I would say it is the man who created The Fuller Brush, Mr Fuller

He is Alfred C. Fuller, the Fuller Brush man.

A very interesting story…maybe there’s hope for me yet.

I’ll take this opportunity to thank all of you who contribute to
this forum. Such a wealth of -it brings tears to my eyes
when I see some of this work and despair of ever being good enough to
show my own.

But I’ll continue to work, and to learn.

David A. Stitt, CDP