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[Tidbits] Who invented Horse Racing

A most titillating question … wouldn’t you say? A query that
surely keeps most men, women, and children up at night pondering the
impossible. Perhaps–one might say–perhaps it was invented by some
underweight blokes who saw no other way to make a living than by
riding upon a steed’s back and racing to the finish line in order to
be awarded some great prize … all the while accepting honors that
do not belong to him but rather to his poor beast who would rather
be chewing on some green grass in the sunlight while befriending that
cute mare over there swishing her tail at him.

On the other hand … some fertile mind might take a serious leap
into a world that totally lacks judgment … and come to a
conclusion based on absolutely nothing that horse racing was invented
by Neptune and/or Poseidon. That person with that mind that clearly
adheres to no sequence of logic … that person would win the gold
star. For it was them indeed wot invented horse racing. Don’t ask me
how. Don’t ask me why.

As to how the horse was created … there seem to be some strong
opinion that it was first hatched from an egg. For those skeptics
amongst you who tend to doubt this … I am here to tell you that
I-- personally-- believe every word of it. Why not? If a chicken can
come from an egg … why can’t a horse?

Did I mention I have an 18 karat gold and enamel and colored stone
horse bangle bracelet with diamonds to show you?

Did you know that braiding a horse’s tail with ribbons will keep
away all evil spirits. Of course … I imagine this process might
involve sitting on a stool facing a horse’s business-end whilst
involving oneself in the braiding process. Should the horse … at
this moment … feel nature’s call toodling to her as she raises her
tail in salute… the braider might well be advised to head for the
hills post-haste lest a moment’s pause brings a deluge of misfortune
pouring upon his or her head. Braiding horses’ tails is clearly
never going to be my thang. Let Poseidon do it, I say. He got us into
this craziness.

There is much more one can discuss about horse-lore … but why
bother about that when I can direct you to this gorgeous bangle of a
horse=92s head with a diamond ring in his mouth. Interested?

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
direct you to my home page at where you will
scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that says
Tidbits Graphics … and then click on the link that says: Horse …
in order to view an equine without equal.

Benjamin Mark