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[Tidbits] Who Am I 2014

It was a long long time ago. I was tending sheep on Mount Ida near
Troy. I was minding my own business pursuing tasks typical of boyhood
chores of that time. I was always considered to be better than
average looking though I was rather slender compared to other boys my

Some even thought I was rather beautiful. And this was not limited to
mortals. As it turned out–in retrospect–Zeus himself had a rather
strong penchant for me. And it is this aspect upon which I hang my
tale. A quick digression if I may. Though you may well hear my voice.
my tale is being told by an extraordinarily astute writer of the
future who goes by the name of Benjamin Mark. He is–of course–not
without his flaws. For example. as both he and I now speak. he wants
me to assure you-- dear reader–that this tale of ours will end in
jewelry. Please excuse him for this interruption. Like most of us. he
is who he is.

To continue. as eventually became eminently apparent. Zeus had an
overpowering yen for me. His wife-Hera–was often jealous of him for
she knew she could not compete with his proclivities for young boys.
And so it passed one day–in a moment of unbridled passion–that Zeus
transformed himself into an eagle and swooped down upon Mount Ida and
grabbed me and transported me to Mount Olympus.

Oh. let me tell you of the rewards. In those days these things were
not frowned upon. I do not think there were any back then who would
not have traded places with me in the flash of a thunderbolt. He
granted me eternal youth. And he granted me immortality. Most of you
do not realize it. but quite often. when you least expect it. I am
there peering over your shoulder. just to see if things have changed.
Immortality you see. means forever. Rest assured dear readers. they
have not. You are all still imbued with the same strengths and
weaknesses to which you invariably succumbed back in the days the
gods reigned supreme. They’re still out there you know. But they now
lurk deeply hidden within the darkened chasms of your imaginations.

Zeus also granted me the honor of holding the office of the cupbearer
to the gods. Not bad for a slender sheepherder who’s only claim to
fame was his prettiness and the fact that he granted the supreme of
supremes the privilege of an occasional roll in the hay.

I also came to be considered to be the originator of mead. that most
intoxicating of all drinks. And I came to be regarded as the genius
of the fountains of the Nile who not only distributed liquor to the
gods but also presided over the supply of waters upon the earth.

And then one day. after some considerable time had elapsed… perhaps
around 300 to 330 B. C… a jeweler came along whose name I know
not. And he formed a pair of gold earring commemorating the day Zeus
came down as an eagle and snatched me away to a heady life beyond all
my dreams and expectations.

My name. for those of you who have not yet guessed. was Ganymede.
Does it strike a bell for anyone? I would love to know that I have
been remembered.

And as it turns out Benjamin–the writer of this piece who is
assuming my voice-has an image of these very earrings. If I may say
so. it would be extremely remiss on your collective consciousnesses
if you did not take yourselves post haste to Benjamin’s Tyler Adam
web site and look at that which there is to see. So go. Go. I can not
urge you enough.

You know where. Home page. Scroll down.
Left side. Tidbits. Click.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark