[Tidbits] What is it ...?

What Is It and Who Wore it and What Is It Called?

All right all right. Step right up ladies and gennulmen. The prize
goes to the winner. Cost ya nuthin’ ta guess. Cost ya nuthin’ ta win.
You sir. Wid da sheepish grin on yer puss.

C’mon c’mon. Don’t be shy. Nobody else knows neither. One guess. Give
it a shot. Ya get it right. ya gets a piece of Juicy Fruit gum.
What’s that? Speak louder. We can’t hear you. Violin Head is the name
yer givin’ it? Damn sir. That’s a mighty good guess. 'Course it ain’t
right. But that don’t make it any the less a good guess. Here ya go
old chap. A piece of Wrigley’s best. A consolation prize fer a
consolation guess. Anyone else?

Okay okay. Let me give you some info. It’s got lapis lazuli in it.

There’s some carnelian. Chalcedony. Calcite. Turquoise.

Obsidian. And colored glass too. And they’re all set in gold and
silver. It’s got an Udjat eye. top center resting upon a slim solar
boat which itself is resting on a winged beetle’s front feet.

The Udjat eye is also known as the eye of Horus. Horus being a god
who lost his eye in a war to avenge the death of his father. Below
the eye and the boat is the aforementioned winged beetle. known in
some ancient circles a scarab.

There are 2 cobras–one on each side–crowned with sun-discs.

And there are lotus flowers with buds.

Yes. You over there. A half a pair of earrings you say? Bah.

Don’t bother me with trifling inanities. A half a pair of earrings
indeed. How about a Chevy Impala while you’re at it? To add to your
base folks. there are also papyrus and poppy seed heads
though for the life of me I can not find them.

Above Udjat’s eye is a gold lunar crescent supporting a silver disc
with images of various gods.

How we doing with the guessing folks? Yes. You over there with the
pretty hair and the beautiful eyes. You don’t know what it is but
you’re guessing it’s Egyptian. Bravo young lady. You’ve got the first
correct guess of the evening. Pass some of the Juicy Fruit to that
young lady over there. If you like we can talk about dinner later,

An ornament you say, sir? Well. yes. But a bit vague. no? Everything
regarded as jewelry is an ornament if you think about it. More info?
Certainly. The work of Egyptian jewelers of that time was influenced
by the use of characteristic amuletic devices. all with magical or
religious meanings which were greater than the mere decoration. The
scarab beetle was the most prevalent as it had reference to the sun
and to creation itself.

Yes sir? Go ahead. Imbue us with your wisdom. A pendant of some sort
you say? By Jove sir. You looks belie your intellect.

Give that man some gum. Wait wait. Care to elucidate a bit further
sir. You get it right. you get a whole pack. Ponder a minute if you
like. What’s that? No pondering needed. My my.

We are feeling out oats today aren’t we? Go ahead sir. Give it a
stab. A Pectoral ornament you say? Hooeee. Looking at you I would
never have guessed it. You are of course correct sir. May I ask what
you do for a living sir? You work in the sewers you say? Shoveling
you-know-what all day? Well sir. I guess that proves that intellect
resides in all walks of life. And one should never judge a man by the
twisted features of his profile or the low vertical height of his
brow. I know college graduates that do not have the knowledge with
which you’ve been gifted. I’m tempted to ask you what your I. Q. is
but I’m afraid I would feel diminished in my very own eyes.

Yes sir? Go ahead. A scarab found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, you
say? One of twenty six pectoral ornaments discovered, you say? Nobody
very much likes a wise-ass sir.

Though I must say you must be considered a unique individual by your
friends. Certainly the most knowledgeable fecal-shoveler I’ve ever

Well there it is folks. as told to us by a fecal-shoveler supreme. A
stranger in the crowd one might say. who taught us this very day that
you can never judge a man’s intellect by his vocation.

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http://www.tyler-adam.com. Scroll down. Left side. [Tidbits].

Click. And there for your sensory optic pleasure you will see one of
Tutankhamun Pectoral Pendants. presented here for your delight.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark