[Tidbits] What Do They Have In Common

Rod Laver, Billie Jean King, Arthur Ashe, Steffi Graf, John
Macinroe, Serena Williams… etc etc etc. Stop jumping up and down.
And you can lower your hands too. We all know they’re tennis players.

But here’s the thing of it. If you had to bestow upon one of them a
perfect gift of jewelry… what is it do you think that you would

The year is 1993. The occasion is the Kraft Women’s Singles Tennis
Championship. The DeBeers people have been working their collective
butts off. A piece of jewelry is going to be made… something
astounding to award to the winner. It is going to be worth–in

The diamonds are exquisite in quality. They are held in the
patented, clear Carbonlokd material. This is a unique process which
enhances the brilliance of diamonds by allowing light and color to
shine through. Personally… I never heard of this method… so any
and all elucidations are welcome.

When the contest is over… the winner… Steffi Graff… is awarded
the item. It is a life-size replica of the real thing. It contains
two thousand, three hundred diamonds. Total weight is 58.80 carats.
The stones are set in yellow gold.

However… the item I am going to show you is not the original. Nay
nay. It is a replica of the replica. As it turns out… there are now
two of these. The original… commissioned by DeBeers… and the only
copy in existence which–if and when it is sold–will allow for the
unique opportunity for collectors to own a piece of contemporary

I would like to believe that somewhere in the world there are two
mantles… both bare except for our llifesize diamond studded
trophy… a tennis ball… in gold… studded with diamonds… an
idealized replica of the real thing… and an idealized replica of
the replica of the real thing. How many of you can say that real
quickly three times?

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark