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[Tidbits] Wedding Band of Torture

Quaint title… eh wot? So listen… here’s the hypothesis. Your
mate is dying for a fling. He/she wants to nibble away at the fruit
of another tree. A taste perhaps. A quick snack. Nothing more. You…
on the other hand… stand firm… legs apart and firmly planted on
parquet flooring… arms akimbo… lips compressed. Nay nay sweet
boid of yute. T’was for better or worse… remember? And besides…
the wedding bands… till death do us part and all that. Remember

Mate allows the slightest smirk cross his/her features. Yes yes. Of
course dearie. Heh heh. Little does better half know that wedding
bands are easy to remove. A little soap… slips right off. Put it
away till later… till the trusted tryst has trundled along it’s
merry way.

Ah… but here’s where you have a surprise for matey. Close your
eyes, you say in your sweetest. Stick out your finger. And you take
off the old… and slip on the new. A wedding band just for you me

Horrors! Egad. How could he/she do this to you. It won’t come off…
this bloody thing. It won’t come off without drawing blood … and
perhaps not even then. Needles and pins and daggers and swords. What
kind of evil concoction is this? I trust there’ll be no tryst, you
say. And you… eyes lowered… crestfallen… slink away with the
wedding band of torture firmly planted on your finger.

Yes yes dear friends. This ring exists. I found a picture of it
whilst walking the sidewalks of New York City. Easy to put on. Very
difficult to take off. Needles on the inside swing one way. What mind
thinks of these things, you may well ask. Let me say this. We live in
a straaaange world we do we do.

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astounding Wedding Band of Torture.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark